At Meze, I explore the rich history and exciting food cultures around the Eastern Mediterranean, primarily Turkey and the Middle East. Subscribe for regular dispatches from Istanbul with recipes and stories from these incredible food cultures.

Who writes Meze?

Meze is written by me, Vidar Bergum. I’m a food writer who made Istanbul my home in 2015. I’ve published three best-selling cookbooks in my native Norway (the first was also translated to German) and have kept a blog for a while at A kitchen in Istanbul. You can read more about my story here.

What to expect

Expect unique recipes with detailed explanations, essays on the origins of the dishes and the local food culture, tips on ingredients and an insight into life in Istanbul.

Mostly food from Turkey, but also the Middle East and other, lesser known, nearby food cultures, such as those in Central Asia. Sometimes traditional and authentic, other times more modern interpretations inspired by the flavours and ingredients of the region.

Meze is currently free to receive as I figure out the right cadence and format.

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Vidar Bergum
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